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[newyeareve] 31/12/1999 New year's eve celebrations with Mags, Juggler, Polsy, Jogu, Squish, G0tai, Strawberry and Grebe
[magsbday] 04/12/1999 Mags enjoying a jelly and a cement mixer on his birthday night out
[fireworks] 06/11/1999 Bonfire and fireworks display at Codemasters
[xlbirthday] 30/10/1999 A night out to celebrate my birthday, with Juggler, Drag0, Squish, G0tai, Mags, Jogu, Adam, Paul and Vikki
[ects] 05/09/1999 The Codemasters stand at ECTS '99
[bobleaving] 28/08/1999 Bobince's last weekend in England, with Mags, Jogu, Squish, Juggler, Bobince and Drag0
[miniforty] 21/08/1999 Mini's 40th birthday celebration at Silverstone
[balloon] 20/08/1999 Northampton balloon festival
[eclipse] 11/08/1999 1999 solar eclipse
[squishbday] 07/08/1999 A night out to celebrate Squish's birthday, with Mags, Jogu, Squish, Juggler and Drag0
[spodhouse] 10/07/1999 Spod house 2 in Coventry
[phantomuni] 03/07/1999 Food at the Phantom Coach followed by pool at the University, with Helen, Mags, Jogu and Squish
[karinya] 26/06/1999 My parents' house and garden in Milton Malsor
[pkpartyone] 12/06/1999 Small party at Paul's sister's flat, with Paul, Adam, Bob, Heather and Tracy

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