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[miltonsnow] 28/12/2000 Milton Malsor in the snow
[snowshow] 13/10/2000 Birmingham ski and snowboard show at the NEC
[squishbday] 05/08/2000 A barbecue at Mags' house in Towcester to celebrate Squish's birthday, with Jogu, Juggler, g0tai, Fluffy, Mags and Squish
[bobvisit] 04/08/2000 A night out at the New Varsity with Jogu, Mags, g0tai, Juggler, Squish, Fluffy, Amber and BobInce who had returned to England for the weekend
[g0taibday] 22/07/2000 A night out to celebrate g0tai's birthday, with Mags, Jogu, Squish, Juggler and g0tai
[georgebday] 17/06/2000 George's 21st birthday party
[rbleaving] 26/01/2000 Richard Baxter's leaving party at the Sozzled Sausage in Leamington
[clashbash] 21/01/2000 Codemasters' "Colour Clash Bash"

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