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Link to photos Date Summary
[newyeareve] 31/12/2001 New year's eve celebrations with Nicola, Steve, Helen, Lucy and Keith
[ccpice] 30/12/2001 Capstone country park in the winter
[izzypandy] 29/12/2001 Izzy and Pandy
[boxingday] 26/12/2001 Boxing day at Nicola's Dad's
[christmas] 25/12/2001 Christmas
[ring] 15/12/2001 Nicola's engagement ring
[helenbday] 03/12/2001 Helen's 18th birthday meal at The Windmill in Hollingbourne
[warwick] 02/12/2001 A trip to Warwick castle with Nicola
[aquatic] 18/11/2001 The Aquatic experience in Syon park
[butterfly] 18/11/2001 The London butterfly house in Syon park
[darklondon] 17/11/2001 London at night
[darkmilton] 15/11/2001 Views from my parents' garden at night
[darkbrunel] 11/11/2001 Richmond lock, the Thames and Brunel university at night
[bddrinktwo] 10/11/2001 A night out in London to celebrate my birthday with Nicola, Mags, Flabio, BobInce, Juggler and Sully
[mybdcake] 28/10/2001 My birthday cake, an open fire and Domino
[mybdmeal] 28/10/2001 A birthday meal at The Old Barn in Milton Keynes
[mybddrink] 26/10/2001 A night out in Northampton to celebrate my 25th birthday
[uniroom] 05/10/2001 Nicola's room in St.Margaret's Hall at Brunel University
[yaris] 01/09/2001 My new Toyota Yaris GLS
[swcpmisc] 30/08/2001 More macro shots taken at Shorne Wood country park
[heather] 29/08/2001 Heather Nova live at the Shepherds Bush Empire
[notefire] 04/08/2001 Nicola burns her A-level notes
[miltonwalk] 04/08/2001 An afternoon in Milton with Nicola
[trosley] 31/07/2001 A trip to Trosley country park with Nicola
[nicolacats] 30/07/2001 Nicola's cats
[darkstrood] 30/07/2001 Strood and Rochester at night
[swcpmacro] 30/07/2001 Some macro shots and a few other photos taken on another trip to Shorne Wood country park with Nicola
[carolinebd] 29/07/2001 A barbecue at Nicola's Dad's house to celebrate Caroline's birthday
[nicmumbday] 28/07/2001 A meal at The Hollywood bowl to celebrate Nicola's Mum's birthday
[tonybbq] 28/07/2001 A barbecue at Tony's house to celebrate his birthday
[swcppicnic] 25/07/2001 Another visit to Shorne Wood country park with Nicola
[shornewood] 24/07/2001 A trip to Shorne Wood country park with Nicola
[monopoly] 21/07/2001 A Monopoly bar crawl in London
[hydepark] 18/07/2001 A few photos taken in Hyde Park on a day out in London for Nicola's birthday
[disney] 06/07/2001 A four day trip to Disneyland Paris with Nicola
[boomerang] 23/06/2001 Boomerang throwing on Hearsall common in Coventry
[boblondon] 14/06/2001 A night out in London with Nicola, Rock, Mags, Juggler, Milky, Squish and BobInce who was back in England for a few days
[paulbbq] 25/05/2001 A barbecue at Paul's house in Northampton to celebrate Paul and Adam's birthday.
[capstone] 12/05/2001 A few photos from a trip to Capstone country park with Nicola
[wicksteed] 05/05/2001 A trip to Wicksteed Park with Nicola
[leedscstle] 28/04/2001 A trip to Leeds castle with Nicola
[london] 13/04/2001 A day out in London with Nicola
[rochester] 01/04/2001 A day out in Rochester with Nicola
[buddies] 17/03/2001 A meal at Buddies restaurant in Northampton, with Paul, Vikki, Adam, Bob and Emma
[karting] 03/03/2001 Karting followed by food and drinks at the New Varsity with Rock, Milky, Jogu, Juggler, Squish, Sally, Lanhamster, Strawberry, Flabio, Fluffy and Mags
[totallunar] 09/01/2001 2001 total lunar eclipse

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